With opportunities for deposits, prepaid cards, capital funding, and free or low-cost business saving accounts, corporate banks provide business owners with a one-stop shop for all of their financial needs. 

By maintaining it all under one umbrella, company leaders can develop stronger bonds with their financiers, who can assist them in locating the best financial amenities as their company expands. 

The leading banks in Latvia for small and large businesses are listed below.


Citadele offers local and foreign customers commercial and trade funding goods and services. Citadele keeps enhancing its offerings for clients in the commercial and private wealth management sectors to acquire the top preferred bank for companies throughout the Baltics.

The institute provides retail financing services so that people may securely manage their finances, access loans, and make deposits. Current and savings accts, home loans, consumer lending, and prepaid cards, are among the services provided by Citadele.


Swedbank AS is a worldwide bank with an emphasis on private bodies and SMEs that provides consumer, personal, and business financial solutions and tools to both corporate people and enterprises. 

The organization offers finance to corporate owners in the form of lump cash or borrowing term. The company accepts this capital in return for agreeing to repay the loan over time along with tax and charges.


As a worldwide corporation, SEB provides both consumers and businesses with commercial, professional, and business financing goods and facilities. Financial advising assistance, short- or long-term funding options, as well as services for managing retained earnings and liquidity, are all provided by SEB. In addition, SEB offers insurance and pension programs.

The organization provides a wide variety of services aimed at providing Corporate customers with flexible financing choices. Current assets loans, personal loans, and commercial credit services are all included. Funds up to 100,000 EUR per treasury and creditor are covered under this program.

Reituma bank 

Rietumu was founded in 1992 and serves organizational customers and elites. It is a financial institution that specializes in retail, personal, and entrepreneurial finance for both citizens and non-residents of Latvia. Rietumu provides funding for large-scale initiatives in production, transportation, residential and industrial real estate expansion, digital start-ups, and other potential industries. 

The corporate banking team at Rietuma offers organizations and clients in the business world financial guidance. It advertises financial services and goods to aid clients in managing their businesses.

BluOr bank 

Baltikums was renamed BlueOrange Bank in 2001. Conventional retail and commercial lending offerings, acquisition options, wealth management, and capital assistance are all provided by BlueOrange. Trades in equities, securities, actual gold, fx, Financial derivatives, and bitcoins are offered by BlueOrange financial firms. BlueOrange changed its name to BluOr in March 2022 and refocused on providing retail and corporate funding services to European clients.

The institution provides loans that help firms expand and recruit more employees, which helps the economy thrive. For its business clients, it also provides complementary services like capital monitoring and stock underwriting.

Baltic international 

One of Latvia’s premium monetary firms, Baltic International was established in 1993 with an emphasis on offering financial services and asset advisory products. The bank provides its customers with individualized, premium monetary products and funding options.

Trade credit, commercial funding, and capital raising are some of the asset services that fall under the umbrella of fund-based services. 

When a company’s corporate clients use its cash administration offerings, cash flows, trading, financing, holding, money lending, and conformity with corporate accounting laws are all managed by the institute. It offers customized loans and leasing for a variety of machinery utilized by particular businesses in a variety of industries, including production, building, shipping, and computer technology.