An association is a form of a non-profit organization usually established by persons with the same ideas and missions, always stated in its Statute. It is easy to set up an association in a country; all one needs to do is register with the Enterprise Register and submit the necessary documents. After starting an organization, one can still change specific details such as the address of the association, information as regards the true beneficiaries, and even its name. The names of organizations are usually stated in their Statutes; thus, the point of the Statutes may be amended by changing the names of the associations. This should only be executed after the members of the board meeting decide according to the representation rights laid out in the articles of association. The process of registering a change of name in the Register of associations and foundations takes seven days to finalize.

If you own an organization in the country and you are thinking of changing its name, or you are interested in knowing more about changes that can be made to associations, this article provides detailed information on how to change the name of your association.

Phases to changing the name of associations

The procedure of amending the names of associations has six easy steps explicitly: checking the name, convening a meeting of board members, preparing the articles of association, filling out the registration form, paying the state fees, and presenting requested documents. 

Checking the name

The name of an association determines its prominence. This means it must be unique and bear no resemblance to any other association’s name registered in the Register of associations and foundations. If an organization must make a change to its name, it must check its availability with the Enterprise Register to avoid choosing an existing name. Aside from that, there are certain conditions to consider when choosing a new name:

  • The name must conform to the laws and regulations  
  • The name should be distinct and different from other names already registered 
  • The name shouldn’t misrepresent the organization’s purpose, form, or operations
  • It must be in Latvian or Latin characters and digits, etc. 

Note that all documents to be presented must be in the new name chosen.

Conveying a board member’s meeting

A meeting of the members of the management board should be held for the members to decide on amending the name of the association. After the meeting, the minutes should be signed by the leader of the meeting and certified by the other members present at the meeting, as per the rights laid down in their articles of association. The minutes of the meeting shall entail the following:

  • The Association’s name and registration number
  • Details of the conveyor of the meeting Person 
  • Place, time, and date of the meeting
  • Number of Board Members and those in attendance 
  • The intent of the meeting
  • Decision and voting result, etc

Preparing the articles of association

The article of association is a document stating the laws guiding the activities of associations and the rights of the board members. When changes are made to the organization, they must be included in the Statute. After the decision to change the name is made, all members of the board must sign the amended articles of association before submission. 

Filling out the registration form

To register with the Enterprise Register, applicants must fill the application form B3 with accurate information before submitting the signed form. The form must be submitted along with the required documents online or via mail. 

Paying the state fee

The state fee is usually paid by all applicants applying with the Enterprise Register except when exempted. The fee is paid two days afore to submitting the application form before the application is processed. The payment should be made to the account in person at any bank or online via credit card or wire transfer. The state fee is EUR 8, 54 paid to the Treasury account. 

Presenting requested documents

The last phase is to submit some necessary documents alongside the form to the Enterprise Register for processing. After the payment of the state fee, the payment is confirmed, and the change of name is entered into the Register of associations and foundations. These are the documents to be presented: Application form B3; Revised copy of the articles of association; Statement of the meeting when the decision was made; Receipt, copy, or printout showing the payment of state fee.