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How to incorporate a restaurant in Latvia?

Today, Latvia is a growing country in many respects, with a lot of business potential due to its advantageous geographical location. Opening a restaurant in Latvia is a sound choice and a potentially lucrative venture. However, it is important to be fully informed of all the relevant factors and risks. Hundreds of thousands of tourists visit the country every year, and they love to have a good […]

Legal business structures in Latvia

Prior to establishing an enterprise, it is essential to assess and choose the most appropriate kind of an undertaking in terms of law and economics. This choice will affect not solely the quantity of necessary equity capital, but also the legal status of the enterprise and other business related issues. Foreigners may carry out business […]

10 Reasons to do business in Latvia

CONNECTEDNESS TO THE WORLD Since 2004, we’ve been enjoying all the advantages that the EU membership offers. Free mobility of products and labor, no roaming charges inside EU – You name it, we have it. In 2014 we also joined the Eurozone. Latvia isn’t solely the very heart of Baltic States, it’s additionally a point […]

Things to keep in mind when incorporating a company in Latvia

This whole process can be long or short. All of it depends on how prepared you are, and it also depends highly on commitment, but of course if you aren’t committed then how did you get here, right?  Well since it is Latvia some things change for better and some for worse.  Paperwork You will […]

Advantages of having Latvian LLC

STARTUP SUPPORT From 2009 to this day capital of Latvia council, in cooperation with numerous partners, implements a grant programme “Kick off” aiming to encourage the establishment of new, innovative companies and innovative development of existing companies in Riga administrative territory. Within the programme it is possible to receive co-financing of 80 % for covering […]