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Introducing eID card in Latvia

Identity card or an electronic identity card (eID) is a personal identification document that verifies the identity and legal status of its owner.

Each person, who is registered in the Population Register, can obtain an identity card according to his or her legal status. An identity card for children under 15 can be issued only upon a request by the parents or a legal guardian. A person can have only one identity card and one passport (except the diplomatic and service passports).

An identity card is issued for 5 years, but for children under 5 years – for a period of 2 years or for the duration of a trip. Documents to apply for an identity card must be submitted and the identity card can be obtained in any regional division of the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs, irrespective of the declared place of residence.

A person, who lives or resides for a long period of time in a foreign country, can apply for an identity card in a consular or diplomatic service of the Republic of Latvia.

An identity card both for children and adults is issued within 10 working days according to the standard procedure or within 2 working days according to the accelerated procedure after the submission of the application (excluding the day when the documents were submitted).

The state fee for an identity card is LVL 10, if the card is issued within 10 working days, or LVL 20, if it is issued within 2 working days. The rate of the state fee for people who are entitled to receive a relief is correspondingly LVL 5 and LVL 10. The state fee can be paid with a bank card at the The Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs or with a transaction using the services of a credit institution.

With an identity card you can verify your identity upon presenting it to a person who must confirm your identity, legal status, age, etc.. In Latvia an identity card can be used instead of a passport (except regarding the usage of voting rights until the implementation of an electronic voter registration system).

An identity card of a citizen of Latvia can be used as a travel document within the European Union, European Economic Area and the Swiss Confederation.

With an identity card, in which an authentication certificate is included and activated, you can verify your identity from distance – in the electronic environment. It is possible if the service provider has provided the opportunity to make authentication with an eID.

With an identity card, in which a valid certificate of an electronic signature is included and activated, you can attach your electronic signature to electronic documents having the same force as physically signed documents.

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